Paris Air Show – Le Bourget, Paris.

The International Paris Air Show will be staging its 51st edition.
This event, over a hundred years old, is the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world. Since its launch, the Show has been at the very heart of developments in the global aerospace market, for which it has become the most important meeting place over the years.
Open to professionals and the general public alike, it inspires a large number of vocations.

The International Paris Air Show is organised by the SIAE, a subsidiary ofGIFAS, the French Aerospace Industries Association.

The 51st show will take place at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions from 15 to 21 June 2015, and once again will bring together all the players in this global industry around the latest technological innovations. The first four days of the Show will be reserved for trade visitors, followed by three days open to the general public.



Scope of the Show

The entire aviation industry is in attendance.

  • Aircraft : Construction and assembly and sub-assemblies
  • Space, spacecraft, satellite telecommunications
  • Aircraft engines, aerospace powerplants and related equipment
  • Airborne equipment and systems (including weapons)
  • Pilot & navaids
  • Cabin interiors
  • Production equipment, tools and software
  • Subcontracting (mechanical engineering and composite materials, aircraft interiors, etc. )
  • Composite materials and surface treatment
  • Maintenance, product support & spares, transport
  • Services
  • Airport equipment and services



Each time the show is held, more than 150 aircraft are presented to visitors.

A number of these are involved in the flying displays held each afternoon.

These displays, which are always spectacular and often amazing, are one of the show’s high points, giving exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their technological expertise and allowing visitors to discover the latest innovations.




A B2B Meeting programme is organised during the show.

This programme of pre-arranged meetings puts buyers and exhibiting companies in contact with one another, according to their requirements.

The programme is open to all buyers (contract principals) looking for solutions relating to the aviation and space sectors, and to show exhibitors who supply such solutions.


Le Bourget avec Orange Line Europa :

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